An Open Letter to Daiso

Hey Daiso!

Or shall I say, “Konnichiwa!” We’re so happy you’re taking Straya by storm! You’ve got an unassuming store front on George Street, but when I glanced at the concrete stairs, I thought to myself, “I hope it’s a stairway to heaven!” And golly gosh, what a sight to behold!


Daiso Store Front on George Street. Photo by Tina Tek,

With the store lit up with approximately 1,294 fluorescent lights, black and white colour combo, white hardwood floors, wide aisles and shelves bursting with products such as bento boxes, cupcake mugs, fishing hooks, fake eyelashes, office supplies and miscellaneous Japanese goods. They’re all interesting and neatly organised. However, I did spot a box titled ‘Instant Boobs’ in the kids’ section. Maybe not everything is put in its place, but I’m willing to let that slide. You’ve lured me to purchase items that I don’t need.


Glorious fluorescent lights and aisles bursting with cute knick knacks. Photo by Tina Tek.

In my defence, I’ve been seduced by your $2.80 price tag. What can I say? I’m a habitual shopper who’s a reckless sucker for a bargain. You’ve revamped the definition of ‘cheap thrills’. I no longer need to head down to a fashion retail chain store to get my hands on the latest pair of shorts which will go out of fashion within 48 hours, I prefer scouring your shelves and be giddy at all the quirky items I can find in your store. These are some of things I bought from your store recently:

Sundae mug, cupcake mouse pad and strawberry flower pot plant. Some of the quirky items I picked up at Daiso. Photo by Tina Tek.

Sundae mug, cupcake mouse pad and strawberry flower pot plant. Some of the quirky items I picked up at Daiso. Photo by Tina Tek.

Though there’s one question I want to ask Daiso, how’d you manage to keep all your products to be at the same value? All I can think is the sheer volume of stock must contribute to this one scale price .

Animal coin banks. Photo by Daiso Australia.

Animal coin banks. Photo by Daiso Australia.

With all these brownie points, no wonder why you’ve opened up your latest store in Parramatta. With the cute white and purple colour scheme and magnificent lighting, it adds vibrancy to the place. I wish more stores use this colour scheme because the only time I seen this colour combo being used is in the beauty industry, and specifically anti-aging products. Who knows why they do that, perhaps to entice customers to pay a princely sum on skincare product they don’t need.

Anyway, let me get back to you Daiso, my friends all adore you. I’m not joking! I even bribed my friends with iPads to write down what they’re saying about you:

“Someone needs to put a lifelong ban on Daiso!” – Kimmy, 23.

“If Daiso ever needs a spokesperson, I bags that role.” – Rachel Khoo, 31 (author of ‘The Little Paris Kitchen‘)

“My master purchased a cute dog bowl from there. My favourite!” Spot the Dog

“Eww. They sell boobies!” –  Little boy in the dollar store.

“I wish I only thought of this idea sooner.” – Donald Trump, 67

You’re serving up a marvellous spectacle of cutesy items at the moment. This brings a wonderful synergy to your business. You’ve taken the world by storm, so keep it up!

All the very best with your future plans, and send noogies of love to  Pikachu, Hello Kitty and Dragon Ball Z!

Miss 5ft0 xoxo


Sydney Market Stall Review: Bondi Markets

As a Sydney local, one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday is to visit the Bondi Market. Situated in Bondi Beach Public School at Campbell Parade, opposite the iconic Bondi Beach. Famous for its relaxed beach lifestyle, it attracts an eclectic bunch of  people from locals, celebrities to visitors, all here to have the warmth caress their faces.


Bondi Beach – Australia’s most famous beach. Photo: Tina Tek

The market’s sells a splendid selection of  bags, hand-made jewellery, clothing and home decors that you won’t find in a large department store. Cashmere coats, scarves and battered leather bags hanging on tree branches which add a bohemian atmosphere to the place. Then, if you listen carefully in the background, you can hear the hissing of the sausages being cooked on the barbie.


A gypsy’s wonderland. Photo: Tina Tek

There are many treasures to be discovered at the Bondi Market. I’ve found everything from a $5 gold glomesh purse to a mahogany dressing table for $100. However, if you spot a designer dress for instance, be prepared to pay around $150 or so. As I know many readers demand pictures of what this place has to offer, I’ll post them to you. 


Beautiful florals at cheerful prices. Photo: Tina Tek


The Secret Attic – Great jewellery pieces which Carrie Bradshaw would drool over. Photo: Tina Tek


A home decor’s delight. Photo: Tina Tek


Nicole Richie, Kate Moss and Rachel Zoe, eat ya heart out! Photo: Tina Tek


Colourful tote bags. Photo: Tina Tek

However, in the past few years of visiting the place, the Bondi Market is starting to become a gentrified department store. Perhaps it’s the fact you can pay using EFTPOS – now that’s some up-market move (pun intended). Or that  there are some sellers who are hesitant when you utter the word ‘bargain’. When you take bargaining out of the equation, the modest market turns into a spruced up area that will lose its rawness quickly. I hope the Bondi Market’s doesn’t fall victim to that.


Where: Bondi Markets are located at Bondi Beach Public School on Campbell Parade opposite Bondi Beach.

When: Every Sunday, 10 am – 4pm.

Type: Flea market

Activities: Shopping and sight-seeing

For more information, click on here.

Hey everyone!

I’ll keep the intros short. The name’s Tina and I’m ready to fill this blog with details on the different markets on offer in my hometown, Sydney. I’ll also include content such as beauty, fashion, politics and whatever comes out of my cerebellum.

Why are you creating this blog? 

I’m dedicating to giving mini reviews on the different markets I visit around Sydney. Currently, there isn’t a comprehensive review on the markets available around Sydney and it’s time to rectify this problem. It’s important because there are a lot of people who don’t live in Sydney and won’t have the luxury to visit my hometown every weekend. I’m here to tell you what each market sells and I’ll put up pictures like this:

Dream catchers at Glebe Market

Dream catchers at Glebe Market. Photo: Tina Tek

Soy skull candles at Bondi Market

Soy skull candles at Bondi Market. Photo: Tina Tek

Cool typewriter. Photo: Tina Tek

Cool typewriter. Photo: Tina Tek

Warning: I won’t be responsible if you burn your bank balance due to my advice.

Stop blowing your trumpet! Are you sure there isn’t another blog out there doing that?

According to my extensive research using Google, it shows I’m the only person writing about this content.

Do you think people will read your blog?

I certainly hope so. If I could, I will pay each person who reads my blog a handsome sum of $1,000,000,000. The only problem is, I need to find that large amount of money first before I make extravagant promises.

Are you paid to write certain content on any markets or products you mention on this portal?

I’ll be lucky to receive 2,000 dong for every positive comment I make on this website.