Sydney Market Stall Review: Bondi Markets

As a Sydney local, one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday is to visit the Bondi Market. Situated in Bondi Beach Public School at Campbell Parade, opposite the iconic Bondi Beach. Famous for its relaxed beach lifestyle, it attracts an eclectic bunch of  people from locals, celebrities to visitors, all here to have the warmth caress their faces.


Bondi Beach – Australia’s most famous beach. Photo: Tina Tek

The market’s sells a splendid selection of  bags, hand-made jewellery, clothing and home decors that you won’t find in a large department store. Cashmere coats, scarves and battered leather bags hanging on tree branches which add a bohemian atmosphere to the place. Then, if you listen carefully in the background, you can hear the hissing of the sausages being cooked on the barbie.


A gypsy’s wonderland. Photo: Tina Tek

There are many treasures to be discovered at the Bondi Market. I’ve found everything from a $5 gold glomesh purse to a mahogany dressing table for $100. However, if you spot a designer dress for instance, be prepared to pay around $150 or so. As I know many readers demand pictures of what this place has to offer, I’ll post them to you. 


Beautiful florals at cheerful prices. Photo: Tina Tek


The Secret Attic – Great jewellery pieces which Carrie Bradshaw would drool over. Photo: Tina Tek


A home decor’s delight. Photo: Tina Tek


Nicole Richie, Kate Moss and Rachel Zoe, eat ya heart out! Photo: Tina Tek


Colourful tote bags. Photo: Tina Tek

However, in the past few years of visiting the place, the Bondi Market is starting to become a gentrified department store. Perhaps it’s the fact you can pay using EFTPOS – now that’s some up-market move (pun intended). Or that  there are some sellers who are hesitant when you utter the word ‘bargain’. When you take bargaining out of the equation, the modest market turns into a spruced up area that will lose its rawness quickly. I hope the Bondi Market’s doesn’t fall victim to that.


Where: Bondi Markets are located at Bondi Beach Public School on Campbell Parade opposite Bondi Beach.

When: Every Sunday, 10 am – 4pm.

Type: Flea market

Activities: Shopping and sight-seeing

For more information, click on here.


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