Hey everyone!

I’ll keep the intros short. The name’s Tina and I’m ready to fill this blog with details on the different markets on offer in my hometown, Sydney. I’ll also include content such as beauty, fashion, politics and whatever comes out of my cerebellum.

Why are you creating this blog? 

I’m dedicating to giving mini reviews on the different markets I visit around Sydney. Currently, there isn’t a comprehensive review on the markets available around Sydney and it’s time to rectify this problem. It’s important because there are a lot of people who don’t live in Sydney and won’t have the luxury to visit my hometown every weekend. I’m here to tell you what each market sells and I’ll put up pictures like this:

Dream catchers at Glebe Market

Dream catchers at Glebe Market. Photo: Tina Tek

Soy skull candles at Bondi Market

Soy skull candles at Bondi Market. Photo: Tina Tek

Cool typewriter. Photo: Tina Tek

Cool typewriter. Photo: Tina Tek

Warning: I won’t be responsible if you burn your bank balance due to my advice.

Stop blowing your trumpet! Are you sure there isn’t another blog out there doing that?

According to my extensive research using Google, it shows I’m the only person writing about this content.

Do you think people will read your blog?

I certainly hope so. If I could, I will pay each person who reads my blog a handsome sum of $1,000,000,000. The only problem is, I need to find that large amount of money first before I make extravagant promises.

Are you paid to write certain content on any markets or products you mention on this portal?

I’ll be lucky to receive 2,000 dong for every positive comment I make on this website.



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